Researching Food Across India at Food Forward India

To give the whole world a taste of India’s culinary complexity by cataloguing and mapping its astonishingly varied urban, rural and tribal cuisines. Helping build, at the same time, the country’s immense potential for sustainable food-based tourism.

Edible Elements

We welcome you to join us at the table/tables and see, touch, taste, smell and share.

Exploring the Content of Taste

Yorke Communications has a fun activity at the end of the week called Fridaze and we brought some food to the table to explore the contents of taste! Yorke Communications offers content marketing services. As storytellers, writers and designers they create… Read More »Exploring the Content of Taste

Food Citizens: Building Communities through the Kitchen

We should always remember that food starts way before it enters the kitchen doors, it takes months to grow and produce- and its lifecycle doesn’t end either when it leaves the kitchen. But us being one of the intermediaries, we have the tools and the potential knowledge to make a change.

From Brewer to Baker

It was here that I started to see and understand the relationships between brewers and bakers. It was one just like grain and yeast and the synergies in creating a loaf of bread or a delicious brew.

Baking Bread at Della Fattoria

As part of my “once a year” learning trip I interned at this bread institution that makes an average of 1200 loaves of sourdough bread by hand every day. Working different shifts of the early morning mixers to the day time shapers and the night time bakers.