Wast(ED) | Tea & Conversations on Food waste with kids in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China
June 2018

Our Food Innovation Global Mission took us to Hangzhou, China. We spent the day with FoodTalk, a forum with a focus on the relationship between food and people at an International school talking about food and education. 

The global issue of food waste doesn’t have China left out. A report in 2018 stated that the food that China wastes could feed nearly 30-50 million people. “Clear your plate” and “eating-up” campaigns have been wildly propagated. 

But we wanted to know how younger people see this issue of food waste and how the issue was connected to them culturally. We sat down with the kids (age 9-11)  with a personalised brewed cup of tea (from a curated tea experience) and asked: “what do your parents say when you waste food?” 

“What do your parents say when you waste food?”

The kids illustrated how they felt about the issue of food waste and told us about experiences at home.

Postcards on Food Waste