— hi! I’m Elizabeth, A chef turned food researcher, and a circular economy enthusiast living in India.


My journey in food started in the kitchen, but I understood early that food did not start or end there.

Taking my culinary base outside the kitchen doors I explore food through research and travel.

Here’s a selection of my cooking experience, research projects and curated tasting experiences.


There is no single narrative for food. The tiniest seed tells a story, each dish has a past and every culture presents a curious food future.

Writing, like cooking has been a great way for me to express the dynamics of food – from culture to systems.

Here are some perspectives.


What is food innovation? Who is innovating? and who are we innovating for?

As our food spaces hustle to evolve into the future, asking if we are innovating around what people really need is pertinent.

Design thinking has been a great tool to explore, ideate and put people’s needs at the centre.

What does Sustainability mean to me?

The word “sustainability” is often misused and has a variety of definitions and meanings. As someone who is invested in creating better food futures, I’m trying to map out what this term means to me. Starting out with some questions, this board (below) is evolving to include frameworks that would help build more understanding of the term and in turn create pillars that shape the work I do.

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a practical and scalable answer to a widely underestimated issue with dire consequences: Food Waste. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12, and 13 and designed on first-hand knowledge from F&B sustainability experts and academics, it helps restaurants to drastically reduce Food Waste, cut on cost, boost their image, and foster collaboration with complimentary food waste solution providers.

Building better experiences for consumers and creators of food