Lorea, CDMX, Mexico

Sep/Oct 2017Mexico City Learning and exploring a culture through food, traditions and disasters (the earthquake of September 19th 2017 gave me a first hand understanding food in the times of disasters, comfort to body and soul) Lorea-Aleli is an inspiring… Read More »Lorea, CDMX, Mexico

Masque: Meal Mapping

Masque is an ingredient driven restaurant in Mumbai, promoting botanical bistronomy. I decided to plot my meal to understand sourcing, seasonality and geography.  Tableau Feb, 08, 2017


That tomato is not JUST a tomato anymore. It’s characters define the meal and satiety to the diner. Not only has he or she savoured a fantastic meal with incredible flavour and taste but has also eaten SAFE & SUSTAINABLE.

it’s all about the “zinzin”

The Hundred-Foot Journey is a fast paced culinary brimming novel that takes you right from the end of WWII on the dusty streets of Napean Sea Road in Bombay, through the low hanging skies of Southhall, London, onward to life changing Lumiere, and then to, of course, gastronomical Paris!

On Cooking

I believe that chefs, don’t just serve pretty looking and beautifully tasting food on a plate, we grow a garden of experience for our diner