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How A Quest For Neapolitan Pizza Became A Crypto-Traditional Discovery

Postman… Naturally

Did this iconic brand of kitchen oil from the ’50s have iconic taste? There has not been a single person who knew my grandmother who hasn’t told me what an incredible cook she was. Her travel, knowledge and personality (which unfortunately… Read More »Postman… Naturally

Masque: Meal Mapping

Masque is an ingredient driven restaurant in Mumbai, promoting botanical bistronomy. I decided to plot my meal to understand sourcing, seasonality and geography.  Tableau Feb, 08, 2017

Hyderabad Food Things

I wrote this out roughly for friends who were spending a few days in Hyderabad. It is one delicious city! A day in hyderabad, and I didn’t realise how much eating I did! You got to see those guys making Warq!… Read More »Hyderabad Food Things

Eating Manipal

The university town and its incredible food scene Here are the happier moments from living in Manipal. Especially the days we would go down to the hostel mess for dinner and without even stepping inside, decide that dinner was despicable… Read More »Eating Manipal

Buddi Lane

The bustling lanes filled with street vendors stooped over huge steaming pots burning on coal or sitting high on elevated platforms at charcoal grills slathering food in paper or plastic bags shoving it into the eager hands of religious men and curious ones.