From Brewer to Baker

One of the most exciting experimentation experiences I had cooking at Red Fork was collaborating with an exceptional brewery down the road called TOIT.

I had just returned from a fantastic internship with bread historian William Rubel, where we had looked at bread baking from the 13th/14th century and upwards. It was here that I started to see and understand the relationships between brewers and bakers. It was one just like grain and yeast and the synergies in creating a loaf of bread or a delicious brew.

Back home in Bangalore, this inspiration led me to talking to the team at TOIT, who was very generous to indulge me with spent grain and yeast that we took back to the Red Fork kitchen and played around with in our menu’s.

What does a modern day collaboration look like between a brewer and baker? I’d say one that could be based on the principles of circular economy and the ability to nurture food citizenship.

It’s one that I am on a mission to to discover, create and collaborate.