Hyderabad Food Things

I wrote this out roughly for friends who were spending a few days in Hyderabad. It is one delicious city!

A day in hyderabad, and I didn’t realise how much eating I did!

You got to see those guys making Warq!


Go on in and talk to them! Super nice. They love telling stories.

Chai and Osmania biscuit

Lots of places around charminar for a cuppa chai. Dum chai too.


We ate this yemeni soldiers of the nizam army feast at al abood mandi 500 meters from the charminar. Apparently these mandi’s come alive after 11 Pm in the night and are the best places for midnight feasting. We were advised not to as we were women. So we settled for a late lunch. The mandi is literally the best shared plates ! A big thali of rice in the centre for everyone to eat out of. You can order one mandi and choose to add on different meats. Finish the meal with some black tea.

If you have trouble finding the place there is a Hyderabad pearls government shop just opposite Charminar. Drop by and ask him.

Laxshman Bandi or other bandi’s!

Street food stalls. We grabbed a couple of hot-hot ghee dosa and idli’s before our early morning trek up to the golconda fort. I’ve heard even govind bandi has some good stuff.


Shahtoot is what its called. I’m not sure if they are in season. But there are so many juice shops near charminar. They have this sweet with dry fruits that they stock in fridges in tiny boxes. One spoon is good enough sweet for the day, maybe month.


Everyone, and I mean everyone know this joint. They serve royal breakfast of bheja fry and paya but their biriyani is quite nice too.

MLA Pesarattu

This is a dosa with upma inside. Ate this one at Chutneys . There are outlets everywhere across the city. Their gun powder idli’s were quite the bomb. Not so much on the chili but it was a ghee explosion. Soft as ever though.

Things that I missed but you shouldn’t

  • Bade Miyan at tankbund serves pathar ka gosht. Some one did say they roast whole carcasses on stone. But I would probably find out before making a trip.
  • Munshi naan at purana haveli. They be baking breads in an underground hearth.