Idli Appreciation

In my final year at culinary school I became increasingly fascinated with the idli. Under the guidance of Dr. Prabhakar Sastri and with a little help from my friends, I was curious to understand everything I could about what made… Read More »Idli Appreciation

Saving Grains

A community focussed model to upcycle spent grain flour

Researching Food Across India at Food Forward India

To give the whole world a taste of India’s culinary complexity by cataloguing and mapping its astonishingly varied urban, rural and tribal cuisines. Helping build, at the same time, the country’s immense potential for sustainable food-based tourism.

Food Citizens: Building Communities through the Kitchen

We should always remember that food starts way before it enters the kitchen doors, it takes months to grow and produce- and its lifecycle doesn’t end either when it leaves the kitchen. But us being one of the intermediaries, we have the tools and the potential knowledge to make a change.