Baking Bread at Della Fattoria

As part of my “once a year” learning trip I interned at this bread institution that makes an average of 1200 loaves of sourdough bread by hand every day. Working different shifts of the early morning mixers to the day time shapers and the night time bakers.

Red Fork Deli, Bangalore

This restaurant evolved from Zarine’s earlier Parsi restaurant Daddy’s Deli and continued to tell stories and keep the history of delicious Parsi food alive.

Lorea, CDMX, Mexico

Sep/Oct 2017Mexico City Learning and exploring a culture through food, traditions and disasters (the earthquake of September 19th 2017 gave me a first hand understanding food in the times of disasters, comfort to body and soul) Lorea-Aleli is an inspiring… Read More »Lorea, CDMX, Mexico